the sustainable flowers project 2022

A 3-day intensive + creative workshop exploring sustainability with some of the biggest leaders in sustainable floristry today.

Brought together by Becky Feasby & TJ McGrath.

jardin de buis, new jersey

september 18-20, 2022

Designed to cultivate conscious creativity; examine environmentally and socially aware practices; explore new techniques and design principles; and foster relationships between growers, designers + flower sellers, the Sustainable Flowers Project is the perfect place for flower lovers to come together and celebrate our craft.

During our time together, we will be creating pure magic with locally sourced, seasonal blooms. 

We will discuss the importance of soil health, regenerative growing practices, sustainable design mechanics, seasonal flowers, social + environmental justice issues in the flower industry, and the healing power of flowers.

Each year, we put together a lineup of noted instructors, speakers + mentors that can help florists, flower farmers, flower growers + flower lovers achieve business and creative practices rooted in environmental, social + economic sustainability. More than that though, we hope that our workshop can provide a warm and meaningful place for people to come together and celebrate all that is possible with sustainable floristry. 

your instructors

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Ingrid Carozzi, Tin Can Studios, Brooklyn, @tincanstudios

Ingrid is considered one of the leading designers in the sustainable floral design movement. A graphic designer turned passionate florist, she was named "Best Florist" in New York Magazine in 2015 - the same year as founding Tin Can Studios. She is the author of three floral design books: ‘Flowers by Design’, ‘Handpicked’ (Abrams), and ‘Brooklyn Flowers’ (Massolit). Ingrid attracts students from all over the world to workshops and master classes in sustainable floral design, as she has a true passion for sharing and teaching others in the industry.


Lucy Hunter, Landscape Designer and  Author, The Flower Hunter,Wales, @lucytheflowerhunter

Lucy would describe herself as a visual storyteller who is passionate about creating floral and garden art and capturing that sense of theatre with her camera around the world for events, Editorials, education and private clients.

Her work has a style that rings true to the British landscape and has a natural untouched quality to it. it harks back to the early 20th century. a time when the Bloomsbury group were at their peak, the female form was considered the ultimate in grace and elegance and the British social attitude was quietly reserved.

with a degree in fine art from Liverpool university, a lifetime designing gardens and self-taught photography her work is constantly looking at ways in which we can soften and meld the boundaries between the inside and out. capturing for a moment the fine and transitory shifts in nature, the light of the changing seasons and always, colour, form and composition.

when she is not travelling, Lucy retreats to her own, Invariably intertwined garden and studio in the mountains in north wales. here she creates, teaches, has a constant, ongoing dialogue with the weeds in the garden and walks with her dogs and camera.

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Amber Tamm, Brooklyn, @ambertamm

Amber is a farmer, horticulturist, and floral designer who works in cannabis, farm education, permaculture, agroforestry and urban farming. The social justice advocate grew up in Brooklyn and craved more nature. Now she is fighting to establish a farm in Central Park as a way of promoting New York City's food sovereignty while creating a reminder of the history of Seneca Village and bringing diversity to Central Park. She leads the food justice division of Dan Barber's Kitchen Farming Project, where she grows food for Black and Brown chefs who then prepare food for low-income communities in New York City. More about Amber.

Andrea Fillippone and Eric Fleisher 

F2Environmental Design @Jardin de Buis

The workshop is set within the stunning grounds of 'jardin de buis' where nature is encouraged to live her best life. 

Comprised of exquisite formal gardens, extensive grounds, and stunning structures decorated with one of a kind European antiques, the environment at jardin is approached as a complete living system and managed in a way that respects its intimate ties with the natural world. 

With Andre and Eric explore sustainable and regenerative soil practices as it pertains to flower farming and the many public space and campuses they have work on throughout the United States.

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Your workshop hosts + leaders are Becky Feasby and TJ McGrath.

Becky is a passionate and outspoken proponent of sustainability in the floral industry. She has spent almost 25 years working as a landscape designer, ornamental horticulturist, horticultural therapist, florist, and flower grower. She is currently completing her Master's degree in Sustainability at Harvard University and is the Canadian Ambassador for the Sustainable Floristry Network and the Canadian representative for Slow Flowers.

TJ is a soulful and intuitive designer who is passionate about increasing the sustainability of the floral industry. TJ has flowered weddings and events for some notable clients and is an outspoken advocate for sustainable mechanics through his notable social media platform. Creating beautiful, seasonally-inspired arrangements with sustainability in mind, TJ is also a kind and patient teacher, who loves to share his passions with his students.

Becky Feasby, @prairiegirlflowers

TJ McGrath, @tjmcgrathdesign

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