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Seasonal Flower Arrangement Subscriptions are available weekly and bi-weekly and are renewed on a monthly basis. A floral subscription is a great gift for yourself or a loved one. 

Flowers are known to have a positive affect on mood. A beautiful arrangement in your home/office/retail environment can lift your spirits and create a more pleasant environment for yourself, your employees or customers.

What is Floral Subscription? 

It's bang for your buck! 

Seasonal, locally grown flowers are artfully designed and delivered. Last week's vase is picked up and reused-simply put, you're buying the flowers, not the vase. Less clutter for you and a sustainable way for me to share my designs with you.

Flowers are a luxury and locally doesn't mean less expensive-it means better for the planet and better for our local economies.





















Arrangements start at $125 each. To get started or inquire about larger, custom designs tailored to your home, business, restaurant or retail shop please click the 'Lets Connect'.

Good to know...

I shop first, for the best blooms that are grown locally and/or in the US. My commitment to supporting local and American grown flower farmers can result in designs with fewer varieties however, they never fall short on artistry. When necessary, I may supplement my floral recipes with a few imported bloom varieties but this is on rare occasions.

Delivery zone includes: Plainfield, Scotch Plains, Westfield, Cranford, Mountainside, Berkeley Heights, New Providence, Summit, Chatham, Greenbrook and Warren. To schedule delivery to a location not listed please email to inquire about availability

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