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In 2020, like many who found themselves out of work (remember the Covid pandemic), I too found myself at a cross roads. Take my 6 plus years in event floristry and look for a new established studio, or brave the unknown and start my own.​ Obviously I chose the 'my own' route.

The floral industry flies under the radar in the consumers mind when it comes to thinking about our environment. I learned first hand that there is a huge impact globally; and with today's climate crisis in mind, I set out to build a business focused on better ways of sharing my  love of flowers.

In two short years my studio has grown in ways I could never have imagined. I offer educate to other florists and flower enthusiasts through workshops that focus on foam free design techniques and feature primarily locally grown flowers. I often work along side some of the most amazing and influential industry leaders and designers with a mindful approach to sustainability in the cut flower industry.


Up next?-traveling for workshops internationally--yes please!


And; I'm turning into a flower farmer/designer myself via The Sustainable Flowers Project Garden at Jardin de Buis; a small cutting garden with big dreams of becoming an educational and growing opportunity for many. These organically grown flowers are primarily featured in my own client's designs and event work, and sometimes are available to other designers for wholesale purchase.


Private 1:1 sessions are held at my home in Plainfield, New Jersey. 

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